About Us

Mission Statement

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender domestic abuse forum (LGBT DAF) is a network of practitioners, activists, researchers, service providers, commissioners, funders and representatives from public sector departments working in or around the issue of LGBT domestic abuse.

It exists to provide individuals and organisations with support to develop, implement and improve services for LGBT people who have experienced domestic abuse.

The main beneficiaries of the LGBT DAF are organisations and individuals in the Greater London area providing services to LGBT people. Secondary beneficiaries are individuals and organisations outside of the Greater London area.


It exists to: Improve the lives of LGBT victim/survivors of domestic abuse

Specific aims.

  • To improve services to LGBT people who have experienced, or are experiencing, domestic abuse
  • To increase access to information on LGBT domestic abuse to victim/survivors and member/non member organisations and practitioners.


  • To facilitate good practice guidance, consultancy and training to service providers, government departments and funders on issues relating to LGBT domestic abuse
  • To influence the development of effective policies and commissioning to support good practice and help improve safety
  • To support the development of an effective coordinated, multi-agency response to LGBT domestic abuse
  • To increase public and professional awareness of the specific issues faced by LGBT victim/survivors of domestic abuse
  • To improve the accessibility of services for LGBT victim/survivors and perpetrators of domestic abuse
  • To support research of current levels of LGBT domestic abuse and service provision
  • To provide networking and learning opportunities for LGBT DAF members
  • To promote good practice and challenge inappropriate or unsafe practice
  • To promote the inclusion and participation of LGBT victim/survivors in the development of existing and new and services and organisations
  • To influence local and central government policy with regards to LGBT domestic abuse


  • Collaboration: Sharing knowledge and best practice is at the core of LGBT DAF
  • Diversity: LGBT DAF celebrates the diversity and also recognises that domestic abuse may affect LGBT people differently. Will proactively work with, learn from and support other equalities organisations working within the field of domestic abuse and will ensure that our work is based on an equality framework
  • Justice: LGBT DAF recognises that LGBT people experience discrimination and will search, challenge and eradicate injustice
  • Quality: LGBT DAF will strive to provide a professional and high quality service, be an effective communicator and ensure that our organisation continues to learn and develop
  • Efficiency: LGBT DAF are committed to sharing expertise and experience to develop services that are both cost effective and improve efficiency in the delivery of services to LGBT victim/survivors