The T in FeminisT

Do you care about the T in FeminisT?

The LGBT Domestic Abuse Project has been working with Scottish Women’s Aid, the Scottish Transgender Alliance and Engender on a new campaign for International Women’s Day.

The campaign will be focussing on the need to include transgender women’s experiences and voices in feminist work and campaigning, and will be getting people to talk about the ‘T in FeminisT’.

Throughout the world transgender women face violence harassment and abuse due, not just to their trans identities, but also their identities as women. In Scotland trans people high levels of transphobia and also report high levels of other forms of gender based violence, such as domestic abuse, sexual abuse and transphobic bullying. It is therefore important that this International Women’s Day we celebrate the contribution and realities of all women, regardless of transgender identity and take an intersectional approach to women’s rights.

We are asking services and individuals to take part by sending short videos and photos (or contributing some other message of support) and these will be collated online.

We would love as many people and organisations as possible to support the campaign by taking photos and videos talking about why they care about the T in FeminisT. To see other people’s messages and to find out more information about how to take part, please visit