Queer survivors. Young LGBT people and domestic abuse.

Queer survivors.

 On 22nd November, LGBT DAF held a free workshop that  focused on the experience of young LGBT survivors of domestic abuse.

The event  took into account the new changes in the government’s definition of domestic abuse to include coercive control and lowering the age criteria to include  young people who aged sixteen and seventeen year.

Youth Chances’  Dan Baker presented fresh evidence taken from their nation wide survey about the experience of LGBT domestic abuse and the impact this might have on young survivors.  Galop’s  Cat Everett gave an update about her work as  an  LGBT youth IDVA and  Stonewall Housings’ Maria Sookias,  gave a report from LGBT Jigsaw.   The  event included workshops and a discussion forum with the aim of…

  • Examine the changes to the governments definition, to include 16 and 17 years olds and coercive control
  • Share research about young LGBT peoples experience of domestic abuse
  • Create an action plan to fast track survivors to appropriate youth centred support
A write up from the workshops  are available here which includes risk factors, links to support organisations and a summery of the day are available to download: Workshop notes on LGBT youth and DV 27 11 12 b
Presentations from the speakers for the day are available to download:   Working with young LGBT survivors  final

This event was  provided free of charge with thanks to Trust for London.