Strengthening the law on domestic abuse: Our consultation response

Stonewall Housing strongly supports a change in the law to make coercive control a criminal offence. Stonewall Housing are a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans*(LGBT) housing advice, support and advocacy service and deliver services that include a specialist domestic abuse advocacy service and a second tier LGBT Domestic Abuse Forum, supporting all organisations that deliver services to LGBT survivors.  Read the rest

Strengthening the law on domestic abuse: a consultation

The government is   seeks views on whether the current law on domestic abuse needs to be strengthened to offer better protection to victims. It is specifically focused on whether we should create a specific offence that captures patterns of coercive and controlling behaviour in intimate relationships, in-line with the government’s non-statutory definition of domestic abuse.… Read the rest

Roar: Summary report 2013

If you ever wondered why lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans*  survivors of domestic abuse remain with their abusive partners or family;  what sort of violence they experience  and why they are unlikely to report the violence to the police or other services, this is for you.… Read the rest

Legal Aid Reform

LGBT DAF Response to Consultation of Legal Aid Reform 14th February 2011
Background: The coalition government published a consultation document about proposed reform to Legal Aid in England and Wales. This covered the scope of cases that would be funded by legal aid, fees paid for court work and new proposals to fund other type of legal provision, not currently funded.… Read the rest