These wonderful things will force you to watch “Angel” movies online

July 2, 2020

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Naga anvesh, Heba Patel, SayajiShinde, Saptagiri



Producers: BhuvanSagar on Saraswathy Films

Music: BheemsCeciroleo

The movie “Angel,” which was released on 3rd November 2017.  It has some interesting things to watch the movie online, who were missed this in theatres.  The movie now available in the aha ott platform, which is exclusive Telugu movies, and also it facilitate watching movies HD quality both online and offline.  If the audience missed some good movies in the theatre, now the opportunity available at the Aha OTT platform for online Telugu movies.


Heba Patel is a well-known actress in Telugu.  She owned the hearts of youngsters with the bold performance in Kumari 21F, which was the debut movie to her.  Angel movie made under Love and Fantasy genre.  The movie was scored well at the box office.


The story of the Angel is Nakshatra (Hebba Patel), the daughter of the Gandharva Raja of heaven, who speaks against her father to go to earth.  With this, he curses to turn to stone to his daughter.  However, Gandharva Raja says that the rock turns into a human when he is happy.  The stone statue was unearthed during the excavations at Amravati.  Harish (SayajiShinde) bargains to sell it.  He ordered Nani (Naga Anvesh) and his friend Giri (Saptagiri) to take it to Hyderabad.  However, after some time, the statue turns into a human form.  The Angel Nakshatra, who has become like that, falls in love with Nani.  What happened after that..? Did their love succeed..? Or did the Nakshatra go back to her world..? Things should be seen in the rest of the movie only.

Top Reasons Why to Watch “Angel” movie:

The movie Angel made under rare genre Fantasy and Love.  The love scenes between the hero and heroine will give a wonderful experience to the audience. Click here for many Telugu movies online.

Hebba Patel portrayed the title role and justified it with her looks and glamour.  Especially, her look and screen presence were too beautiful.

Hero Naga Anvesh and Saptagiri’s performance will attract the youth audience.  They showed their role’s attitudes perfectly on screen.

The heaven scenes and makeover of Hebba Patel brought the common audience to heaven and felt to see a real angel.

Director Palani’s taking and filming were awesome.  He used technicians very well to establish the movie as the best.  The director’s talent is witnessed in the way he draws, acting from the actors in the emotional scenes.

Usually, fantasy movies require good photography and too good background music, songs.  The requirements were fulfilled with Cinematographer Gunasekaran and Music Director BheemsCeciroleo.

BheemsCeciroleo’s music was an asset to the movie.  He justifies the movie’s genre—especially his background score while climax and emotional scenes will keep the audience in heaven.

Finally: Angel’s movie will give you a wonderful experience from beginning to climax.  The movie gives much entertainment with love, emotional, and fantasy scenes.

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