Vail’s Most Popular Easy Hiking Trails

April 21, 2022
Pet friendly Vail

Vail is well-known for its winter sports and thick snow, but it is equally stunning in the fall. It’s a beautiful view, with the towering peaks covered with yellowish aspens cradling the valley below. Hiking one of the numerous trails in the region is one of the greatest ways to see Vail in the fall. Here are some of your favorite fall walks in hiking Vail.


The Berrypicker path, which is rated as strenuous, is definitely worth the heart-pounding trek to the summit of Vail Mountain. It’s easy to understand why this is one of Vail’s most popular autumn treks, meandering steeply through meadows of wildflowers (not many in the fall), pine woods, and aspen groves.

The North Vail Trail is located in North Vail, Colorado.

Pet friendly Vail

The North Trail in North Vail offers 12 miles of hiking and biking paths, with aspen trees providing shade along the route. Because of its accessibility and gorgeous landscape, the whole North Trail system is a popular among outdoor lovers of hiking vail. Choose your own journey by hiking or biking the full path or just a piece of it.

Open Space at Miller Ranch

Poorly maintained, low, kitty, and surrounded by water. .This is an unpaved, extremely flat route that runs the full length of the Eagle River. This path is ideal for those seeking a more natural experience while maintaining a low-impact and well-maintained track. The hike is dog-friendly and offers breathtaking views of arrowhead and the Eagle River. It’s worth mentioning that this track is ideal at any time of year; in fact, it’s so popular in the winter that previous hikers have packed down the snow and produced a map of where the trail travels.

Booth Creek Falls is a popular tourist attraction in the area.

Booth Falls trail is located off I-70’s East Vail exit 180 and sends hikers down a moderate route that goes up to a moderately-sized cascade. Although this path is classed as moderate, the first several kilometers along Booth Creek demand a strong ascent.