Avoiding Common Scams In Used Car Sales

February 5, 2023
Used cars in tucson

When purchasing a used vehicle, you may be thinking about how much you’re going to save. However, it is important to also think of the cost of buying something that might not work well or suddenly break down. A car can end up costing more than what it would have been new; especially when considering the price of maintenance that comes along with an older vehicle.

Here are tips for how to protect yourself from the common scams that exist in used car sales:

Beware of the “low ball” offer

When dealing with used cars in tucson salesman, it is important to only accept an offer that is a little bit higher than the value of the vehicle you want to purchase. This is because the more you cut the price, the lower your bargaining power is. Someone who offers to buy a car for only $1000 less than the fair price of $12000 is far more likely to honor their offer.

Watch out for salespeople who are naturally suspicious or “creepy”

If a car salesman seems like they do not want to show you the vehicle too much, this may be a red flag that they are trying to cover up something. Since people use their cars to go places, it is important that they have confidence in the vehicle being able to get there.

Try not to let a car salesman pressure you

A car salesman will often try to convince you that buying from them will save you money. While it is true that buying from a private seller may be cheaper, we want you to make sure that this savings is actually worth the price of feeling pressured into making a decision all at once.

Ask for a Carfax report

The Carfax report can provide you with information on how long the car has been in the current condition, any previous accidents, and how long repairs have been done. Make sure that the car has not been involved in any major collisions, as this will make it harder to resell the vehicle at a good price.

Look out for potential problems before driving home

A lot of used vehicles come with a lot of free warranties or extended warranties that can add up to thousands of dollars. Make sure that the vehicle you are interested in has these warranties, otherwise you might end up paying for repairs out of pocket.