February 5, 2023
Used cars in miami

Dealers, in addition to playing an indisputably important role in the sale of cars, are also valid points of reference for the purchase of used cars, having been the first professionals to experiment with the buying and selling of used cars. When a private individual makes the decision to sell his car, he is driven by the most varied and subjective motivations and it is precisely with this awareness that a dealership offers different types of contracts.

The first is the barter, which takes the form of an exchange of goods, credit titles and real rights. In fact, by choosing this procedure, the customer exchanges his car for an amount that is not physically returned to him, but which he can take advantage of in the form of a discount on the purchase of the next vehicle used cars in miami.

The second type of contract is the consignment and, in this case, the dealer acts as an intermediary in the search for a final buyer, subtracting a small percentage from the total price. However, both options involve a considerable expenditure of time, due to the numerous variables that can prolong the entire process: intercepting a buyer is not immediate, just as it is not obvious that the dealer has available, at that moment,

Aware of this, the dealer offers a third alternative, more advantageous for customers who prefer the speed and freedom of use of the proceeds to other needs: direct sales, also known as car buying. In fact, the steps that this procedure requires are few and simple. Once the dealer has been identified, it is sufficient to contact them to arrange an appointment, during which a professional inspects the vehicle and draws a quotation. Once the offer has been accepted, we proceed with the signing of the deed of sale and then with the payment, i.e. with the immediate delivery of the money in cash or by cashier’s check, aware however of the fact that the ceiling for cash transactions has been set at €3,000 by the 2016 stability law and it is not possible to overcome it without the intervention of a suitable credit institution.